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Azienda Agricola
" Fattoria di Sassolo"
Via Bucciano, 59
Località La Serra
- San Miniato (Pisa)

Tel/Fax 0571 / 460001

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Fattoria di Sassolo

Stone mills

the cellars
The Fattoria di Sassolo - on the splendid hills of San Miniato in the heart of Tuscany, a stone's throw from Pisa and Florence - has some 100 hectares of land, 18 h. of which are vineyards, all at 200 m. above sea level, 10 h. are olive groves and 30 h. are planted with cereals. The vines cultivated are the traditional Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Canaiolo and other local varieties.
The olive varieties are Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and the rare Mignola, the pressing of which gives a very limited number of bottles.
The Fattoria di Sassolo has been an agricultural estate since 1784. Today quality wines are produced, in full respect of tradition. The CHIANTI is still vinified according to the ancient practice of the "Governo all' uso del Chianti" a slow refermentation of the wine that has just been racked off, with the addition of selected grapes that have been allowed to dry slightly on special mats.
The VINSANTO, another classic wine of the Tuscany tradition, has been produced since 1965, using yeast "mother" cultures that are at least 200 years old.
Wheat, maize, barley and sunflowers are also cultivated.
Bianco's  Family
San Miniato, of Etruscan and Roman origin, sits on three hills that overlook the alley of the River Arno.
Art and history have left important traces here - from the monumental convent founded by St. Francis in 1211, to the hilltop stronghold of Federico II, from the romanesque duomo to the works of Filippo Lippi, Neri di Bicci, Verrocchio...
The gastronomic culture also has deep roots, which the estate valorizes in its hospitality and which culminate in the National White Truffle Fair (Tuber Magntum Pico) during the last three weekends of November.
San Miniato